A heartfelt ride into the Unknown


There is a hummingbird inside of me. It is my lightness and it is my innocence. It guides me, ‘Know joy in the full blown moment. Be immersed in it and drunk on it. Let your heart pour forth from there’. This is how I write and share and how I choose to live; in the moment and from the heart.  As I merge with the energy of the hummingbird I return to my lightness and innocence, and play takes precedence. The energy zips around in non-linear space and time at high speeds within me. With focused intent, it pours through, embracing All.

I have been on a personal spiritual quest and in a womb of deep and constant transformation, all the way to the cellular level, into my roots.  It swept me away from a life I was living and sent me souring into my truth. The journey has been dark and utterly unknown. A heart and soul guided journey all the way.  I emerge now, with a developed ability to walk confidently in the darkness by embodying my light and allow that embodied wisdom to guide. This is my liberation, this is my Voice.  

I focus this blog on the divine nature of humanity and expanding consciousness, empathic sensitivities, and healing our relationship to our darkness. 

I open and share my heart here with the intention that it reaches all those who are open to receiving and have a place for it in their heart. May these musings, this art, these inspirations and heart channels bring you healing, love, and peace.

All Love.

Shanna Rae-Ven