The energies under the Full Moon of March 1st have been speaking to me. The message is clearest when She illuminates the fullness of Her energy.

She speaks to me of Winter….

Winter is still with you, and so let it be. There have been peaks and signs of what is to come, but it is only the excitement of what is incubating, it is not Spring. Do not rush the process of what you are birthing. This portion of incubation can be quite deep. Lay low with your process and allow the depths of the last remaining bits of darkness to enrich what you are birthing. It has been quite active and busy recently in preparation for a cycle completing. Now it is time to be. Be still with what has been forming beneath the process of what has been dying. The seed sometimes moves in deeper before it emerges. It is gathering even more nourishment and knowledge from more layers of decay.  There are more layers yet to move, integrate, and disintegrate.  The stillness provides the warmth of presence that allows loving space for this deepening.

These last weeks of Winter often get confused with early spring, and sometimes that is appropriate. It is easy to want to rush to prepare the soil, or the garden for planting because it should be that time.  But the message I am strongly receiving now is to stay with Winter in these last remaining weeks. To not rush the process. And this comes as a surprise to me. I have felt Spring in the air. I have been busy moving forward and what has felt like out of the depths of Winter.  But this message brings me back into the deep, regardless of literal signs of Spring. It asks me to allow the darkness a little longer, to be held and comforted a little longer. This seems to be a point of much needed nourishment after a very long, deep, and dark incubation.

I do feel the edge of Winter. It makes me itch for Spring, for sunshine, to be done with this incubation, and to see my creations in the full light. It is not easy to be still at this time. It is not easy to go deeper when all I want to do is rise. But the depth begets the rising. This I know to be true. This seed goes deeper to rise even higher. To rise with more authenticity and truth.

I am working on the final touches of my website, getting it ready to be uploaded and live. This has been a 5 year incubation, and it will finally birth this Spring. I cannot wait to be done with this project and process. The last 9 months of it have been really working me. It almost was uploaded and active last week, but there were a couple of small things that kept it from being complete. I will have an Etsy link on my website for some of my creations. It is the Etsy link that is holding up the birth of the website at this point. I have been waiting on sunlight to get the best photos I can of my creations to post in my Etsy store. But there has been no good sunlight to capture the photos for awhile.

Today , after I downloaded this Moon message, I saw glimpses of sunlight appearing. I could feel myself wanting to go after it and chase it and capture it just to complete this project and upload my website. But I felt my urgency in opposition of divine timing, and taking me out of the present moment. And so I released. When I released, I realized how faint and how passing this sunlight was. It was a glimpse. It was a brief emergence of what is to come. It wasn’t there for me to chase or to capture. It was there to highlight more of the shadow. I appreciated it more intimately as I let go of the finish line and returned to the present moment. I observed how the sunlight was dancing with the shadows. The darkness that it danced with is ready to be free. The dance frees the darkness from its Winter stagnancy. The light stirs it up and reminds it of its ability to move. And the density remembers that it is lighter than what it thinks.

And so I wait. And I surrender to the sacred timing that is held in the natural rhythm of things. I trust the sunlight , and the moment, will appear right when it is ready , when it is time for the birth of my website, when its full incubation is complete.

This Moon wisdom has come as a surprise and has been working on me, leaving this Full Moon to feel more like a Dark Moon. It has gently guided me back into a cocoon. I find stillness here to reflect on my journey and I receive it in it’s entirety(the darkness and the light) inside this cocoon. All that I have been through; every step, every tear, every joy, every fear, I receive, because it has been the whole of my personal process that has made this very moment come to be. As I swaddle all of my journey, I am swaddled in self love. This enriches me, and all the seeds that are forming and incubating.

It is easy to resist the deep dive inward that is beckoning the soul. It is easy to get swept into the busyness of this time of year as we clean off the layers of winter from our gardens, our porches, our souls, our chairs. The resistance to the surrender creates an edginess, a rush, and sometimes hostility,  ‘There is too much to do to stop and reflect, I’m already done with that…I’ve been doing that all winter!’.

As you rake up the dead leaves, it stirs up much stagnant energy. Let yourself grieve.  Surrendering to the pull inward will nourish the seed that has been forming in the dark of Winter. With this late surrender, the seed will absorb the experiential knowledge of the totality of your personal journey and process. This will give the forming seed a strength of wholeness(the light and the dark) for it’s next phase of growth, as it releases what has for so long held it.

May this Moon message bring the memory of lightness to your density and allow space to what is asking to be grieved.



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